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The Regional Advisory Committees were created to:

  • Study, recommend and respond directly to the Metroplan Board on issues impacting Metroplan and central Arkansas;
  • Maintain and improve the strong public engagement record of Metroplan by providing direct input into the decision-making levels of the regional planning process.
  • Educate central Arkansas on transportation and planning matters and encourage best practices that would advance the region's vision for the future.



  1. A genuine desire to be a part of central Arkansas’ progress, and to have input into the decisions affecting the region’s transportation, economy, and livability.
  2. Ability to commit to a regular meeting schedule. (Note: Committee meeting dates and times have not yet been established, and will be determined by preferences of applicants.)

The Regional Advisory Committees are:

  1. Economic Vitality – deals with matters pertaining to industry, commerce, workforce and regional-scale economic growth as it relates to transportation and planning.
  2. Transportation Systems – broadly encompasses safety, efficiency, technology, and design, in context with the natural and physical environments.
  3. Livable Communities – is concerned with regional development, transit readiness, and livability, as implemented throughout central Arkansas’ communities and neighborhoods. Common themes of “livability” include accessible housing and transportation, environmental stewardship, economic resilience, educational excellence and the value of human interaction.